growth and DK

General prototyping 

almost everything  
tape, plastic trays and boxes, buckets  
heaters, pumps, filters, enclosures  
lab equipment, fluid handling  
LEDs in all shapes and sizes  
light bulbs  
pipettes, sterile labware  
acrylic tubing, containers  
chemical reagents  
lab equipment, reagents  
engineering and prototyping of mechanical assemblies  
scientific glass  
Hirshfeld Fabrications weldments  
Paragon Frames fine art acrylic fabrication  
California Quality Plastics vacuum forming and large custom aquaria  


Zarf Enterprises camera mounts for lots of cameras and scopes  
Carolina Biological Supply live specimens, prepared slides, dyes, glass slides and coverslips  
Wards same as above  
Swift microscopes  
YSC Technologies digital and HD microscope cameras  


BioQuip nets and other custom tools for collecting biological samples, books  

Eagle Optics

binoculars and spotting scopes  

How To's

Winogradsky column how to prepare mud for your own column or panel  
Succulent Quilt how to host your own succulent quilting bee